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Something Unprofessional Cover

Something Unprofessional

 Book 5

Ev Bailey is done dating his bosses. After the last disaster, he’s sworn off workplace romances for good. He has a new job in a new city and he’s not going to make the same mistakes again—he knows he’ll never find his perfect Daddy in the corner office. Which is why it’s so inconvenient that his new boss is hotter than sin . . . and an expert at pushing all his buttons.

Gabe Diaz didn’t want a PA, but he has to admit that things run more smoothly with Ev around. The boy is easy to work with and even easier on the eyes. Not that Gabe’s going to do anything about it. He’s too experienced to make that kind of mistake. Besides, he has certain tastes that would probably send his buttoned-up PA running. Anything beyond a professional relationship between them is off the table.

Then the hottest spot to play in town hosts a New Year’s Eve masquerade, and with masks firmly in place, anything could happen.

They’ll deal with the repercussions on Monday.

Something Unprofessional is a 60k MM age gap, boss/employee romance with a sassy Middle who’s in over his head, a Daddy who should be keeping his distance, secret identities, only one bed, and two men who are terrible at following the rules. It can be read as a stand-alone.

Tags MM Romance, age gap, daddy kink, Daddy/middle, boss/employee 

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